Leo and Chay’s prenuptial shoot

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It was hot and humid that day, not our favorite, but really thankful that it did not rain — it was still, after all, storm season here in the Philippines. Leo and Chay were proactive when we met up and discussed their theme. They wanted something real, something that wasn’t cheezy or fake. Leo has tattoos. He has it all over his arms and legs. He has huge tunnel earrings. Chay, on the other hand, was prim and proper. She took care of her hair and would apply lip balm from time to time. If you were walking down the street and saw them, you’d probably wonder what things they had in common. And when the time came for us to shoot, what we saw were two people, different on the outside, but completely one in the inside. They could finish each other’s sentences. We were glad to see how Chay’s face would light up, despite the heat and sun, with Leo’s antics.

We hope that you like our version of Leo and Chay’s world. Check it out on our portfolio page, or click here.

The lovely hair and makeup was made by Jei Jei Molina. Check out here Facebook page!

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